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The Mission

Promote pioneering design and advanced technological solutions amongst the A&D community, through digital platforms, research
workshops and creative networks in the UAE.

Our Vision

Empower organizations and individuals to create highly functional spaces through the use of smart technology and functional products.

Our Team

We are a dynamic and flexible team that believes in putting the clients needs first.   As a company we are always challenging the norm and pushing our limits to achieve something unique but never sacrificing what the customer really needs.



Over the years we have carefully curated a comprehensive selection of furniture brands, we also have the capability to manufacture bespoke furniture pieces using any desired material or finish the client requires.



We are a team composed of Architects, Industrial Designers and Interior Designers.  Design is our core which makes us incredibly versatile to end users and enables a seamless collaboration with interior design consultants and contracting companies.


Trifecta Design is well known for maintaining very high quality standards in its services and the products that are delivered.  We believe in product longevity ensuring every item performs at its best and can stand the test of time.

Adhoc - Viccarbe.jpg


Because Trifecta Design is turn-key, every process from design through to execution is fast tracked. The result is not only market leading quality, but also project delivery times that are always kept to a minimum.

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