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Enhance the ergonomics and functionality of your workspace.

We believe in offering complete solutions that are tailored to the users needs.   Not only will we supply your perfect desk and task chair but we can offer all the peripherals that will maximise the functionality and give you the ideal ergonomic setup for the home or office.

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Ergonomic Accessories

Ergonomics in the workplace is not just about having the right task chair.  To achieve a complete ergonomic setup at your desk all the elements including your chair, table, keyboard and monitor should all be adjusted according to the users anatomy.  This will minimise tension in the muscles and joints, promote blood circulation around the body which in turn enhances your well being and productivity in the office.


M/Flex by Humanscale (USA)

 Monitor arm capable of carrying up to six monitors 9kg each..


We supply and install a variety of products which can be customised to suit your IT requirements.  Whether it's a fully integrated solution for a meeting table or a retro-fitted item that can be easily transferred, we have something that suits your preference. 


Flip Box by NES BüroTechnik (GER)

The modular solution for premium conference tables and workplaces.

Power & Data Modules

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Cable Management Solutions

We offer products to conceal your power modules and keep the cables at your desk hidden from sight.  We will coordinate with the IT department to identify the most practical solution. 


Neattech by Humanscale (USA)

lightweight basket stores power strips and cables neatly and safely.

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